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Visual Design
for Science Communication

We believe data is beautiful. We believe figures deserve to be scientifically accurate and elegantly designed.
We believe visual truths are more intuitive than truths spoken aloud, and that some truths remain unseen until visualized. We believe visual communication is essential for science communication.

Hi! I'm Madeline Wukusick, the creative director and founder of Communiqué. I help science-focused organizations communicate their research and make an impact through the expressive language of visual design.


I'm a multidisciplinary designer and creative thinker. I'm a designer at heart with scientific inclinations. I made the jump from Pre-Med major to Visual Communications, when I realized I was more drawn to the scientific illustrations in my biology textbooks, than the science itself.


I spent my early years working in advertising in New York City on campaigns for companies such as Saks Fifth Avenue, Tiffany and Campbell's. When I migrated to the West Coast, I was

impressed by the hub of science and innovation in San Diego and was inspired to return to my scientific roots. I founded Communiqué to fill a need for smart design in a city of research and biotech. I help clients worldwide transform their complex, nuanced ideas into succinct, engaging visuals by drawing on my experience in advertising and expertise in visual communications. My clients span the fields of life sciences, medicine, biotech, sustainability and conservation. 

Enough about me, let's talk about how effective visual design
can take your organization or project to the next level.


Logos, Branding
& Websites

Your identity—
in analogue and digital

Infographics, Illustrations
& Visualizations

Bring your data to life—
statically or interactively

Presentations, Reports,
& Brochures

Communicate your science
in a polished, modern way


Communicating science to the general public isn’t an easy task. Translating complex concepts, graphs and data represents a great challenge for almost all scientists and, for some of us, it can be almost impossible to achieve. 

Luckily, I’ve had the opportunity to work with Communique and have them guide me through this process. The Communiqué team has been instrumental in the success me and my team have had in communicating what we do, increasing the impact our science is having in conservation and fisheries management. Their ability to help me identify audiences and main messages I wish to convey, together with their boundless creativity are helping push the boundaries of conventional science communication and showing that it can be done in a simple manner.



Based in San Diego, CA | Working with clients worldwide

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