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Communiqué is a design studio specializing in science communication and outreach. 

Role: Creative Direction, Design, Illustration

The Project Aware Foundaction needed to translate a 200+ page technical document summarizing the global state of the shark and ray product market to its audience of ocean lovers and dive enthusiasts in an easily digestible, highly engaging way. 

The Naviaux Lab at University of California San Diego (UCSD) studies mitochondrial related diseases, so it made sense to visually reference the cellular organelle in the lab's branding. What isn't so apparent, 
is the nod to one of Dr. Naviaux's
many inspirations—the washed 

blues and greens of the ocean. 

Role: Creative Direction, Logo Design

Crinetics Pharmaceuticals is a biotech company focusing on treatments for endocrine disorders. Their back-to-the-basics, "science-first" mentality made them the perfect candidate for this vintage-inspired scientific illustration aesthetic.  ​

Role: Creative Direction, Visual Design, Illustration

Mares Mexicanos is a marine conservation initiative working to protect the Mexican Seas. This illustrated piece was the centerfold of a brochure presented to stakeholders. It needed to be informative and engaging in order to communicate the group's targets and objectives.

Role: Creative Direction, Illustration, 
Page Design

Little Dog Communications is a PR firm for biotech companies. For their rebrand and website redesign, we created the "DNA dog" mascot to marry their expertise in science with their playful name. 

Role: Creative Direction, Logo Design, 
Visual Design

ViaCyte, a regenerative medicine company, needed figures for its new website that explained the biotech's complex work in Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes therapies. We created a series of static and animated graphics that supported the overall rebrand and helped explain the technology.

Role: Illustration, Motion Design 


The Pew Charitable Trusts needed a brochure to inform delegates at an international conference of the growing threats to thresher sharks. It was important to present the facts in an organized and manageable way
in this glossy printed piece.  

Role: Creative Direction, Page Design

DataMares is an open source, data-sharing platform with the goal of scientific transparency. This series of infographics was used to promote the many research questions of DataMares' collaborating scientists.

Role: Creative Direction, Illustration, Visual Design


A group of elasmobranch researchers wanted to summarize the previous literature on manta and devil ray feeding behavior for a review paper. We ditched the spreadsheet and created this figure instead.

Role: Creative Direction, Figure Design

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